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Forestry Maintenance Program is Underway

City of West Chicago

     The City of West Chicago's Forestry Maintenance Program is underway. Parkway trees in selected areas throughout the City will be trimmed. Included in this program will be some whole tree removals of trees noted as dying, dead, potentially hazardous or too large for the confined space in which they have been planted.


     Eleven trees have been identified in the downtown area as needing removal so that smaller trees can be installed. The trees to be removed are either dead, dying or showing signs of decline due to having outgrown the circular concrete structures, known as tree vaults, which measure about five feet in diameter and four feet deep with a concrete bottom. These trees were installed in 1995 and at that time it was anticipated that they would need to be removed in approximately ten years given the size of the tree vaults.

     Residents should note that this program is not a result of recent findings of the Emerald Ash Borer. Rather, trimming and removal is necessary to maintain sight distances, proper clearance over streets and sidewalks for safe vehicular and pedestrian travel, aesthetic reasons and to encourage the growth of strong, healthy trees.

     Please call (630) 293-2250 for questions about this year’s Forestry Maintenance Program.

  • City of West Chicago

  • 475 Main Street West Chicago, Illinois 60185

  • Rosemary Mackey

  • (630) 293-2200 x139

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