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CHS Students Help Put Together More Than Mortar and Bricks

West Chicago HS

     On Monday July 5th, the Community High School District 94 Habitat for Humanity Chapter took its first summer work trip. The eager group of seven students and two advisors drove to Rushford, Minnesota to work with the local Habitat affiliate as well as several Americore volunteers on a twin house in Rushford County, a small town about 20 miles outside of Winona, Minnesota.


     The group included Allyssa Brinkman (West Chicago), Ellen Fitzgerald (Winfield), Stefany Hernandez (West Chicago), Brooke Henessey (West Chicago), Kelsey King (Winfield), Amarin Young (Carol Stream), Amatore Loiotile (West Chicago), and Sponsors Chris Covino and Blair Covino.

     Thanks to the generosity of the local Rushford-Peterson School District and St. James Church of Rushford, the CHS volunteers had a comfortable place to sleep, shower, and prepare meals while they were not working on the Habitat home.

     When the group arrived, the home had a frame, roofing struts, and little else. At the end of the week, most of the roof had been sheathed and shingled, the windows installed, soffit and facia prepared for installation, and interior walls laid out. The site foreman, Jeff, often noted that the group worked diligently and exceeded his expectations for the week, “I thought we’d be lucky to have a roof up, let alone a weather-proof exterior.”

     The CHS Chapter volunteers were fortunate to work alongside the future homeowner, Linda. As part of the agreement with Habitat, new homeowners have to put in over 200 hours of work on their own house. CHS volunteer Allyssa Brinkman stated, “It was really great to be able to work with Linda. She was so appreciative.”

     CHS Chapter sponsors Chris and Blair Covino would like to continue to work with the Rushford and Winona Habitat affiliates as well as on local DuPage Habitat for Humanity projects. The CHS Chapter has four work days planned for the fall as well as several fundraising projects. The CHS Chapter is always looking for new members and will hold a meeting at the beginning of the school year to appoint its new officers, recruit new members, and make plans for the year.

Press Contact:

  • Chris Covino
  • Language Arts Division Head and Activities Director
  • 630-876-6363


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