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133-pound Gold West Chicago Wildcats Wins Super Bowl

WC Park District

     The 133-pound Gold West Chicago Wildcats Football team in the Bill George Football League won the Super Bowl with a 6-0 score against the Downers Grove Panthers. Saturday, Nov. 13, at Benedictine University in Lisle. West Chicago Park District Athletics Supervisor Joe Urban said,” The Panthers were a very good team. We scored with 2:02 left to play in the game. ”


     The Wildcats went into the Super Bowl game with a 9-1 record, defeating Lombard 41-0 in semi-finals Nov 7.

     Team members are Jake Paler, Robert Eckler, Fernando Villa, Luis Ramos, Camden Meade, Stevie Gutowski, Michael Otzwirk, Jacob Urban, Matt Gedritis, Colin O’Kasick, Peyton Seidler, Mike Campos, David McDonell, Joe Rudman, Danny Lazzerini, and Blake Fialk. Head coach is Joe Urban and assistant coaches are Doug Lazzerini, John Gedritis and Brian Barry.


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