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Veterans Day presentation at Gary Elementary School

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     Ms. Grupe and Mrs. Stogis' 5th grade students at Gary school have been working on some special projects in honor of Veterans Day.  The students were asked to pick a topic that they would research from a list of US military branches, wars, national memorials, or veteran organizations.


     Mrs. Stogis guided the way while they worked with a partner to research key information and then Ms. Grupe taught them how to place that information into a Power Point slide with graphics and animations.  They then rehearsed their speeches (slide information) to be given as part of our Veterans Day Assembly.  The students did an outstanding job speaking clearly into the microphones and being ready when it was their turn to present next.  The assembly presentation also included short video clips to show students the music of certain war eras, montages to honor the heroes in our military branches, and patriotic sing-alongs.  We asked our "Visiting Veterans" to come to the microphone and announce who they were, what branch they served in and any words they would like to share.  It was a great honor to have them in attendance.

    The fifth graders also decided to collect money at Gary School for two weeks to donate to, a service organization that sends WWII and terminally ill veterans to Washington D.C. to see the national memorials before it's too late.  We were delighted to announce to Mr. Chuck Scheckle, one of our local veterans who is also involved with the Honor Flight non-profit organization, that the students had raised over $200 in donations.

    The "Visiting Veterans" program was designed to not only bring community members into Gary School, but to also honor our local veterans.  We send out a letter of invitation with our students to invite any of their family members, friends, or neighbors that are veterans to come and spend the day at Gary School.  They are welcome to share stories about the military, memorabilia, answer questions, or simply enjoy being an honorary part of the class.  The PTO parents have helped by providing a luncheon in the school library for the veterans to have some time to visit with each other before the school assembly at 1:00.  We also sent invitations to the VFW, American Legion, and West Chicago Police Department.  It was a great joy to see that all areas were represented (3 Gary family members, 1 VFW, 1 American Legion, and 2 Police Dept.) and our veterans seemed genuinely honored to be heard and appreciated!

    Mrs. Stogis and Ms. Grupe decided to hold an encore presentation for the parents of our fifth grade students this Friday, Nov. 19th at 9:00-10:00 in the library at Gary School.  We felt that in honor of National Education Week and the outstanding job the children did, parents should really have an opportunity to see the hard work in practice.

Gina Grupe

  • Dual Language 5th Grade Teacher  
  • Gary School 130 E. Forest Ave. West Chicago, IL  60185  
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