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Celebrating Success - Letters About Literature Competition

Elementary Dist 33

     Alyssa Lenning, a student from Mr. Johnson’s Language Arts class at West Chicago Middle School, was recently selected as the Illinois Level 1 Finalist for Letters About Literature contest - a statewide reading and writing competition. This year Illinois set a record for the highest number of entries by a state – 6,643 letters.

     “Letters About Literature invites children to write to an author whose work has somehow changed the child’s view of the world or self.” Students are encouraged to write how the book, short story or poem affected them on a personal level or “write from the heart”.

    Alyssa’s letter made it through two rounds of judging on the national level and a third round of judging on the state level to emerge as an Illinois Level 1 Finalist.

Congratulations Alyssa!


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