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CHS Students Help Younger Students Say “No” to Bullying

West Chicago HS

  • What: Original anti-bullying coloring books for early elementary students. 

  • Who:  Written and illustrated in Spanish, Arabic, and English by ESL students at Community High School for early elementary students

  • Where: Distributed to students in Westwood, River Woods, and Main Park Apartments and to the West Chicago Police Department Neighborhood Resource Centers after-school programs

     Both beginning and 2nd year ESL students at Community High School in West Chicago studied bullying and ways to stop it.  The students then worked in teams to write and illustrate 6 different, original coloring books with an anti-bullying/tolerance message.  Each book featured language and characters appropriate for students between kindergarten and third grade.  The books all included ideas about what bullying is and how to stop a bully without using violence.

     The students wrote in English as part of their ESL class.  They later translated the books into Spanish and Arabic, the native languages of the authors and the recipients. The students went with their teachers, Mr. Poulterer and Ms. Baxter, to meet the elementary students and discuss the lessons taught in the books.  Each elementary student received a coloring book in English and also in his or her native language.

Press Contact: 

  • Allison Baxter
    English as a Second Language Teacher
    (630) 876-6368 


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