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Murphy Announces Forest Preserve Run

Pols & Community Leaders

Alderman Al Murphy announces that he will be a candidate for the District 6 seat on the Forest Preserve Board of Commissioners. Alderman Murphy has served as an alderman for eight years.. During this period, he has served on various committees such as Finance Committee.

     His goals are to reduce the salaries of the part time commissioners. He would like to reconstruct the Board of Commissioners by eliminating the office of presidents as an elected office. Al would like to streamline the functioning of the Board of Commissioners and reduce the debt that has not been touched for several years.
He'd like to see the commission run on a more business footing than a "good old boys" network. Al wants to lower the tax rate which is just below the rate of the whole country.

Al Murphy is a resident of Wayne Township and serves on the Republican Central Committee for the Township.


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