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Al Murphy - Announcement as Candidate for Forest Preserve Board

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     Good afternoon. President and commissioners. My name is Alan
Murphy and I have declared that I am a candidate for Commissioner of
District six Forest Preserve of Dupage County.

     There is a problem of great concern on the horizon. As many of you
are aware, real estate values the last 2-3 years have been going down
dramatically, in the 20-30 percent range. Fairly soon all units of
government that rely on the real estate taxes for revenue will start to
see a decline.

     This board has to recognize the problem and take the necessary stepds. One simply cannot ask staff to take a pay freeze, while the commissioners still receive their pay raises.

     I'm proposing that the commissioners discuss and vote to reduce their pay by 20 percent, approximately $11,000 reduction. Also, I'm proposing that they eliminate the extra benefits of cell phones and laptops. We need to restructure the way commissioners get paid. We need to pay commissioner's by their meeting attendance. For example, take the annual pay divded by the number of meetings and that figure is what you get paid for attending. Miss a meeting and no pay. No ghost pay rolling so to speak.

When the forest preserve first split off from the county board, we needed a president who was able to commit a great amount of time to get it more organized and running as efficiently as it does today. Dewey has done a great job of making that happen. It's to the point where it is a turn key operatiom. I am proposing that at the end of Dewey's term, we elminate the position of president. Just think of it in the terms of savings. The pay, the benefits and the pension.

     The question then becomes who would have the authority over the board and director. In my opinion, the six commissioners could elect one of their fellow commissioners to be chairmen. if a tie came up during this selection process, Dewey could come in and vote to break the tie. Once the chairmen is selected, he would be sitting chairmen/commissioner. Due to the fact that there would be six commissioners, one of which would be the chairmen, each commissioner would receive one vote. In the event of a tie, the chairmen's vote would receive an extra vote(2-votes). The chairmen in this case would receive the same base pay as the other commissioners, however, due to the extra work involved he would receive a stipend equivalent to the other commissioner's reduction in pay, ie 20 percent or approximately $11,000.

     If these ideas are implemented, it would save the forext preserve fistrict at the very least $250,000 annually if not more. I realize that this a small percentage in the reality of the size of the budget, but it's a first step. Now is the time to lead by example. Not just talk the talk, but to walk the talk

     I have many more ideas but we need to focus on those at hand first. One step at a time. Thank you for your time and I look forward to your vote.


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