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Ramey Preserves Capital Jobs, Reduced Spending

Ramey Record

     During a special session of the Illinois General Assembly, the Illinois
House and Senate approved funding for capital improved projects, sending
the measure to the governor.  Senate Democrats in a parliamentary
maneuver tried to tack on over $430 in increased budgetary spending to
the capital bill.

State Representative Randy Ramey (R-West Chicago) held strong to his claims that the budget be left balanced while pushing to approve the capital projects that will preserve 52,000 Illinois jobs.  By not giving in to the Senate Democrat's demands for more spending, Representative Ramey helped maintain a balanced budget while keeping road builders working during the important construction season.

"The budget that passed the House spends less than we take in, the first time this has happen in decades.  Democrats in the Senate wanted to increase spending on our budget," said Ramey.  "To do this, they were willing to risk tens of thousands of jobs and millions of tax dollars.  Thankfully, we stuck to our guns and didn't cave into these threats."

     Had the Senate not approved the funding, constructions projects around the State would have shut down on June 30.  It is estimated that it would have cost the State $30 million to shut the projects down while spending $3 million per month to keep the closed work zones safe.

     The Senate Democrats threatened the capital projects in response to their displeasure with the House passing a fiscally conservative budget.  Fiscal Year 2012’s budget was constructed with House Republicans working side by side with House Democrats in an unprecedented bipartisan matter.  The budget was originally balanced around conservative revenue projections and budget cuts.

"If we want to bring Illinois back on track, the way we crafted this budget needs to be a way of life," said Ramey.  "This is the most fiscally responsible budget we have passed in over a decade.  If we can continue craft budgets in the future, then we may be able to dig ourselves out of this fiscal mess."

Representative Randy Ramey

District 55 - Republican

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    • 1883 N. Neltnor Blvd. (Rt. 59) West Chicago, IL 60185

    • Phone: 630-876-0703

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