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Outstanding Students of the 3rd Quarter 2012

Elementary Dist 33

     Each grading period teachers at West Chicago Middle School nominate students to receive the “Outstanding Student of the Quarter” award. Each team of teachers is encouraged to nominate up to four students per quarter. Exploratory and PE teachers are also invited to select students from their classes to receive awards.

This nomination is based on the following criteria:

  • Demonstrates positive character

  • Scholastic achievement/growth

  • Community/School action and interaction

  • Leadership within the Middle School

The following West Chicago Middle School students were nominated by their teachers as Outstanding Students of the 3rd Quarter for the 2011/2012 school year:

Outstanding Students of the Third Quarter

  • 8th Grade

    • Ricardo Hernandez, Angeles Garcia, Mitchel Pekel, Alondra Padilla, Alexis Alfaro, Monica Romero, Isaac Ibarra, Jennifer Valdez

  • 7th Grade

    • Leslye Melchor, Gonzalo Estrada, Esmeralda Navarro, Guillermo Orizaba, Lauren Long, Emily Rolden, Joshua Bowen, Lizeth Carmona

  • Exploratories

    • Guadalupe Valenzuela, Christofer Arbudzinski, Itzayanna Salazar, Antonio Calderon, Julio Gutierrez, Leslye Melchor.

The students who were nominated were honored at a ceremony during which they each received a certificate of recognition. Parents/Guardians were invited to attend the ceremony, which was followed by a reception.


  • Gina Steinbrecher, Community Relations Specialist

  • Office: 630.293.6000 ext. 201


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