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CHSD94TV’s “Be True to Your City” LipDub Goes Viral

West Chicago HS

     On Monday, April 23, 2012, students enrolled in Community High School’s Broadcast Production program filmed the school’s first-ever LipDub, “Be True to Your City.” The film was truly a massive undertaking, involving and featuring all 2400-some staff and students of Community High School in a scripted lip-sync performance.

     Broadcast Production students spent the next two days editing footage before uploading the full film to the CHSD94TV vimeo channel late Wednesday evening.  The film was subsequently also shown during a special Thursday airing of “Wildcat Weekly,” Community High School’s student-produced in-house television program and an additional version was uploaded to the CHSD94TV YouTube channel.

“Be True to Your City” may be seen at or

Within hours of its online debut, the film quickly became a viral sensation as current students, alumni, and community members began to share the film over social networks. By day’s end, the vimeo upload of the film had already been seen 5,418 times.  The following day, it received another 3,667 viewings.  Today, not even a full week from its official release, the film has been seen online roughly 16,000 times.

Broadcast Production Adviser Dave Jennings has received word that the film has been shown to high school students in locations as diverse as England, Germany, Italy, Japan, Poland, and South Korea.  “We have been contacted by a large and incredibly diverse group of people, including graduates from the classes of 1959 and 1963,” Jennings explains.  “The response to the film has been overwhelmingly positive, and many former students have contacted us to tell us how proud the video made them feel to be a Wildcat.”

The LipDub’s soundtrack is a mix of two songs; The Beach Boys’ “Be True to Your School,” and Patrick Stump’s “This City.” “Both songs are about being proud of where you’re from,” Senior Kevin Schwarz explains, “and we wanted to give the students of Community High School a chance to show some real school pride.”

The greatest challenge of the project was trying to involve every group, organization, and sports team in the film.  A few weeks before filming, students were assigned specific locations along the route and asked to decorate and inhabit them as they saw fit.  “Thankfully, everyone came through and took ownership of their assigned space in really neat ways,” comments Senior Pilar Bonilla.

Jakob Lodwick, founder of vimeo, is credited for having first coined the term “Lip Dub” to describe films in which audio from the original recordings of songs to which performers lip-sync are added to raw footage during the editing process.

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