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Booster Buzz - Senior Lunch

West Chicago HS

     A new tradition at West Chicago Community High School began last year. The Boosters organizes a luncheon for the graduating seniors.

     Since hot food and salad products are served, those items are purchased rather than donated. The Boosters would like your help in assisting to purchase these items for a class of over 425 students by making a monetary donation towards the main entrĂ©es. You can choose any donation amount you would like as every dollar helps. Please go to the Webstore and look for Senior Farewell Lunch under Special Events.

Donations of other items such as: water, chips, baked goodies, paper products, etc. will still be requested in the next couple of weeks.

If you would like any additional information or to be contacted when the non-monetary donations are requested, please email the Boosters at


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