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Winners Announced in 2012 Fine Arts Fiesta

City of West Chicago

     The West Chicago Cultural Arts Commission is pleased to announce the winners of the 2012 Fine Arts Fiesta People’s Choice Awards. Every year, artists with a West Chicago connection, are offered a wonderful venue to show their work and receive public acclaim through a People’s Choice Award in several categories. This venue is the Fine Arts Fiesta held at Scout Cabin at Reed-Keppler Park during West Chicago’s signature summer event, Railroad Days.

The following people were chosen in the indivdual categories:

  • Fine Arts: Photography:
                      1st   Uwe Gsedl – “The Peasant Girl” (digital photograph)                              
                      2nd   Christine Rakow “Derecho” – (photograph)
                      3rd   David Toney “United We Stand” – (photography)

  • Fine Arts: 2-D, Sculpture:
                      1st   LeRoy Fennewald – “1930-1932 Aston Martin International” (basswood carving)
                      2nd  Tom Obright  -    “Wooden Bowl”  (wood inlay)
                      3rd  Wesley Watanabe – “Sharbat Gula” (oil)

  • Student:           
                       1st   Joe Favia “Camaro” (photograph)
                       2nd  Diana Beltman “This World” (pen and ink)
                       3rd  Molly McGhee “ ’57 Chevy” (photograph)

  • Craft:                 
                       1st   Dorothy Andrews – “Colorwheel” (quilt)
                       2nd  Tom Obright – “Carousal” (wood carving)
                       3rd   Judith Horsley “Through the Years” (quilt)

City Museum  
132 Main Street
West Chicago, IL 60185
(630) 231-3376


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