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Library Teens Go Gardening

WC Public Library

     Gardening may not seem like a very likely activity for teens, but that’s exactly what members of the Young Adult Advisory Council from the West Chicago Public Library District have been doing this summer as an “Eat~Move~Read” initiative. As part of the statewide summer reading program, “Reading Is So Delicious,” the West Chicago teens have joined forces with West Chicago’s “People Made Visible” organization to maintain a plot at the community Keeper’s Garden located across from St. Michael’s United Church of Christ on Washington Street.

     Embracing the Keeper’s Garden mission is to create a locally grown food source and community building experience through gardening, the teens have planted radishes, watermelon, tomatoes, peppers, peas, beans, cucumber, parsley and basil in their dedicated plot.  These veggies represent the “eat” part of the teen summer reading program.  To “move,” they walk from the Library to the garden twice a week to bring water to the garden since the rain barrels supplied by the West Chicago Park District have remained pretty dry throughout this summer’s drought.  And to “read,” they have worked with Young Adult Librarian Amanda Ghobrial to research questions they have about the plants as they come up and try to identify plants that may or may not be weeds.

While their crop may be small this year due to the weather, the teens have fully embraced the concept of “Eat~Move~Read” and truly found reading to be “so delicious.”


  • Shelley Campbell, Public Relations Specialist

  • West Chicago Public Library District

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