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Community Video to Focus on Personal Stories of July Storm

City of West Chicago

     Almost a month has passed since the big storm of July 1st, but for many West Chicagoans, the personal details of the storm’s impact on their families, homes, property and community is still fresh in their minds. Brush is still being put out at the curb; repairs to damages are still in progress; efforts have begun to raise funds for the replacement of lost trees at Reed-Keppler Park and Kline Creek Farm; and many residents have been looking for ways to share their stories and express their gratitude for the support shown to their community

     Whether it was the volunteer who grabbed power tools from his garage and headed over to Reed-Keppler Park within hours of the storm to assist with the devastating aftermath of fallen trees, or the person who loaded up a child-sized wagon filled with bottled water to hand to people working tirelessly in the extreme heat, the sense of community was strong. For that reason, and due to the number of people who have contacted City Hall to express interest in communicating their personal experiences and thankfulness to all those who worked so hard with recovery efforts, as well as sharing their personal photographs of the storm, the City is inviting anyone interested to participate in a community video, After the Storm, at National Night Out.

“People are still talking about the event that caused so much physical destruction in town, yet left everyone feeling very grateful for the outpouring of help and support they received from City crews, the West Chicago Police Department, West Chicago’s Fire Protection District and Park District, ComEd and all the out of town utility workers who were brought in from surrounding states and of course, their neighbors,” said Acting Mayor Ruben Pineda. “Creating a community video will give all of us that outlet.”

     The video will consist of minute-long resident narratives interspersed with photographic contributions of the storm. It will be made available on the City’s website and a copy will remain at the City Museum as a part of the community’s shared history.

Anyone interested in participating should visit the City of West Chicago table at Reed-Keppler Park during National Night Out, Tuesday, August 7, 2012 between the hours of 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. For any questions prior to National Night Out, contact Rosemary Mackey at (630) 293-2200 x139.


  • Rosemary Mackey

  • (630) 293-2200 x139


  • City of West Chicago

  • 475 Main Street

  • West Chicago, Illinois 60185


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