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Park District Referendum on Fall Ballot

WC Park District

     In a unanimous vote on Tuesday, Aug. 14 the West Chicago Park District Board of Commissioners approved placing a referendum for a new Recreation Center on the Nov. 6, 2012 ballot.

          Park Board commissioners reviewed resident feedback and began the process of reorganizing the project when the proposal was defeated by 288 votes in the April election.

            The new Recreation Center proposal relocates the facility from the downtown area to Reed-Keppler Park and has been downsized by 25 percent.

            The cost of the project has been trimmed from $19.9 million to approximately $15 million, reducing the estimated monthly impact to $5 per household and even lower for seniors who qualify.

            The new 65,000 square-foot facility will offer many new amenities including a walking/jogging track, area for seniors, multipurpose gymnasiums, fitness center with up-to-date amenities, dance studios, event rental space with kitchen, and other core recreation/fitness amenities.

            In addition, the facility will also give the Park District the opportunity to offer many new programs and activities including birthday party space, winter practice space, theater practice rooms, additional fitness classes, family activities, open gym activities, space for special events, teen activities, indoor playground, baby-sitting  services and more.

            The new location, according to Executive Director Gary Major, offers many benefits. “Building the Recreation Center in Reed-Keppler is a win-win for residents,” Major said. “The location is convenient with a multitude of activities in one place. It is an all inclusive spot for our residents’ recreational, social, and fitness needs.”

            Park District residents with questions regarding the new proposal, the facility or its services can contact Major at 630.231.9474.

Contact: Glory Spies, 630.231.9474


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