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Community Forum - Weds. August 29th

West Chicago HS

     The Administration of Community High School has made a recommendation to the District 94 School Board to leave the DuPage Valley Conference (DVC) and join the Metro Suburban Conference (MSC). The question of leaving the DuPage Valley Conference has been discussed for several years. The recommendation to leave the DuPage Valley Conference comes now as a result of receiving an invitation from the Metro Suburban Conference schools to consider applying for admission into the MSC.

     The School Board received administration’s recommendation on July 17.  The Board asked the Administration to provide data and information regarding the DuPage Valley Conference and Metro Suburban Conference so an informed decision could be made.  Some of the information requested revolves around the sports and activities available to students in both conferences.   The Board also directed administration to provide opportunities for public input.

The forum scheduled for August 29th is an opportunity for the public to comment and receive information on the proposed move.  The information presented will be the same information as that which was presented at the August 17th forum.  The Board will weigh all aspects of this important decision before bringing it to a vote.  If you have questions regarding this upcoming forum, please contact Dr. Moses Cheng, Principal of Community High School at

We hope you can participate in this upcoming forum. 


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