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Community School Leadership Award

Elementary Dist 33

     On Friday, October 19, 2012 Marjory Lewe-Brady, Director of Partnerships for Wellness, Safety and Achievement for West Chicago Elementary School District 33 was one of four individuals to win the Community School Leadership Award. The Community School Leadership Awards sponsored by the Illinois Federation for Community Schools acknowledge the role the individuals play in leading comprehensive community school development, and in keeping stakeholders focused on achieving a shared vision for student success.

     Ms. Lewe-Brady was recognized for her purposeful and focused development of community-level collaborations that bring necessary resources into schools and to address the challenges faced by students and families in West Chicago through her leadership in the We Go Together for Kids Initiative - a group of over 40 service providers, community members and partners that come together to address the health, safety and wellness of students and families of West Chicago Elementary School District 33.

      According to the Illinois Federation for Community Schools, each of the Community School Leadership Award winners demonstrates the capacities and qualities critical to comprehensive community school efforts:

  • Stewardship of a vision of success for all students.

  • Effective collaboration with a diverse group of stakeholders invested in the success of students and families.

  • Shared leadership, encouraging transparency and empowering those around him/her.

  • Engaging in creative, but practical, problem solving that ensures effectiveness.

  • Operating from a strengths-based perspective.

  • Keeping children and young people at the center of each partner’s efforts.

     But while community schools can be seen as a function of collaborative teams and teamwork, the Illinois Federation for Community Schools recognizes that individual leaders play a vital role in shepherding a shared vision of student success and maintaining momentum around creating schools that work for students and families. Whether it’s a visionary principal, a strong resource coordinator, a committed parent or community member, or a dedicated district administrator, a strong leader is instrumental in ensuring the breadth, depth and sustainability of community school efforts.

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