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Phase II Environmental Site Assessment

City of West Chicago

     Progress continues on the West Washington Street Redevelopment Project in downtown West Chicago. The City contracted with URS Corporation last year to develop conceptual plans and architectural options for the area. Now, the City has retained URS Corporation to conduct a Phase II Environmental Site Assessment, which will include necessary testing of the soil and groundwater at the site of the former Geneva Iron & Metal Scrap Yard.

     Testing of the soil and groundwater will include collecting data
from surface soils, including a radiological survey and geophysical
survey. The data from these surveys will be used to help determine the
locations for collecting subsurface soil and groundwater samples. URS
Corporation is overseeing this project and will be using a private
underground utility locating service, a licensed surveyor, a
radiological contractor, a geophysical company, a licensed driller, and
licensed analytical laboratory.

     Residents will no doubt be
wondering what is happening at the location of the former Geneva Iron
& Metal Scrap Yard on West Washington Street. People wearing white
Tyvek coveralls, gloves, hard hats, safety glasses and other protective
gear – all required by Federal Occupational Safety and Health
Administration (OSHA) regulations for subsurface soil digging -  will be
involved in assessment activities. According to the City of West
Chicago’s Director of Community Development, John D. Said, the work that
will be taking place signals the next step in realizing the City’s
future goal. “This necessary phase is very exciting in that it will
hopefully bring us that much closer to our vision of downtown
redevelopment for the community.”

     The City will keep the
public informed via its website,, and plans to hold a
public meeting in the first quarter of 2013 to discuss future plans for
the site. Questions may be directed to John D. Said at or (630) 293-2200 x140.

Rosemary Mackey
630) 293-2200
City of West Chicago
475 Main Street
West Chicago, Illinois 60185


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