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Oakwood Cemetery Commemorative Ornament Available


     Don't forget to stop by the City Museum or City Hall to purchase the 2012 commemorative ornament featuring Oakwood Cemetery. This colorful ornament is available for $8. With the purchase of the ornament, you receive a brochure highlighting all the ornaments in the series.

More about the history of the Cemetery:

     The Oakwood Cemetery Association was

established in 1858. The original cemetery

plat, surveyed by Jonathan G. Vallette,

measured 32' x 330' and contained 198 lots.

Dr. Joseph and Mary McConnell and Job and

Alice Smith donated the land. There have

been two additions to the cemetery, one in

1881 and the second in 1898. At one time

Oakwood Cemetery's name was featured

on an iron arch at the York Avenue entrance.

  • City Hall

  • 475 Main Street
    West Chicago, IL 60185

  • Rosemary Mackey

  • 630) 293-2200 x139


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