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Library Teens Host Multicultural Dinner

WC Public Library

     “The library has given me memories that will last a lifetime,” said Abe Fernandez as he spoke to a room full of Library managers, Friends of the Library, and Trustees from the Library Board last Thursday evening. “Being a member of the YA Council has made me more outgoing,” said Emylie Latham, “and it’s all because of Amanda.” These young people represented the sentiments of all those teens who recently hosted the Council’s annual Multicultural Dinner. “You always feel welcome here,” said Fernandez.

     For nine years now, the West Chicago Public Library District’s Young Adult Advisory Council has been hosting this dinner for its Board of Trustees, the Library Friends, and the Library’s management team.  The dinner offers the teens the opportunity to mingle with the adults who work in and who support the Library, and cooking from their cultures offers a great conversation starter.

“The multicultural dinner is held for two reasons,” said Amanda Ghobrial, Young Adult Librarian in charge of the group.  “One is to allow teens of the YA Council and Library trustees, Friends, and managers to get to know each other better.  The other is to say ‘thank you’ for all the opportunities the group gets throughout the year.  It is great to know that the Library can be a place where teens can come and have a say and get a chance to become well-rounded leaders of tomorrow.”

At a time when Library budgets and services face huge cuts across the nation, the West Chicago Public Library District continues to embrace its services to teens, providing them with a safe, social, and accepting environment.  Whether it’s the monthly coffeehouse, the after-school gaming group, film club, arts hour, theater group, or just reading or listening to music, there is something at the Library for any teen who wants to come.  And, as Emylie said, Ghobrial will make them feel welcome!


  • Shelley Campbell, Public Relations Specialist
    West Chicago Public Library District
    Phone:  (630) 231-1552, ext. 128
    FAX:  (630) 231-1709


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