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Library Patrons Meet LEGO® Charity Challenge

WC Public Library

     The West Chicago Public Library District wishes to thank all its patrons who recently responded to the LEGO Charity Challenge, placing us in the top 200 libraries eligible to receive a donation of LEGO® and DUPLO® bricks.

     During the month of September, LEGO Charity and the Association for Library Service to Children (ALSC) joined hands to celebrate and support local libraries through their “Read! Build! Play!” challenge.  The top 200 nominated libraries received toolkits chock full of cutting edge, early literacy programming that combines preschool books with a versatile collection of LEGO® and DUPLO® bricks.

“We all know the importance of giving children the opportunity to play,” said Administrative Librarian Melody E. Coleman.  “Thanks to our patrons voting for us, we have now added to our collection of play materials that offer children not only joy, but also help them develop and grow as human beings.”

In a letter to the Library from Camilla og Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen, she said, “With this gift from LEGO Charity, we wish the children who will receive them all the best and a wonderful time playing and learning.”


Shelley Campbell, Public Relations Specialist
West Chicago Public Library District
Phone:  (630) 231-1552, ext. 128
FAX:  (630) 231-1709


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