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Enforcement of Parking Program for Persons with Disabilities

City of West Chicago

      The Illinois Secretary of State, Jesse White, has announced an initiative targeting able-bodied drivers who choose to park illegally in parking reserved for disabled drivers

     The Parking Program for Persons with Disabilities provides vital services to those who are in need. The City of West Chicago Police Department has joined other local law enforcement agencies in stepping up efforts to crack down on those that illegally park in disability parking spaces during this holiday season through the end of December.

The mission of the campaign is not to give out tickets, but to ensure the parking spaces are available for those who need them. The message is simple: if you don’t belong there, don’t park there.

Questions about the campaign in West Chicago may be directed to the West Chicago Police Department at (630) 293-2222.


  • Rosemary Mackey

  • 630) 293-2200


  • City of West Chicago

  • 475 Main Street

  • West Chicago, Illinois 60185


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