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Status of Board of Education and District 33 Teacher’s Union (ETAWC) Negotiations

Elementary Dist 33

     Meetings between the District 33 Board of Education and the Teachers’ Union (ETAWC) were held on Thursday, January 3 and Friday, January 4, 2013. The next scheduled meeting is Wednesday, January 9, 2013.

     The major focus of the meetings was healthcare. Both teams discussed modifications to the healthcare component of their final offers. There remain substantial unresolved issues related to attaining agreement on healthcare.

Dr. Chris Scheck, President of the Board of Education, stated “From the Board’s perspective, little or no progress was made in resolving major financial differences between the teams. None the less we will continue to work toward a positive resolution.”

     Based on assurances from the Teachers’ Union, the District expects that there will be the normal schedule for all District 33 children without disruption at least through January 10th.

     “Our commitment to the community is to remain fiscally responsible. We are doing our best to meet the expectations of the Union with the resources we have”, stated Dr. Chris Scheck.


  • Mr. Dave Barclay, Secretary, Board of Education,
    Dr. Chris Scheck, President, Board of Education,
    Dr. Kathy Wolfe, Superintendent, District 33,

  • Gina E. Steinbrecher
    Community Relations Specialist
    West Chicago Elementary School District 33
    Ph: 1.630.293.6000 ext. 201


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