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Amid Financial Questions, D33 Teachers to Discuss All Options in Response to School Board Threat

     District 33 teachers will meet this week to consider “all options” in responding to the school board’s threat to impose harsh cuts on teachers if a new contract is not agreed upon by February 21st, according to a news release issued today by the Elementary Teachers’ Association of West Chicago (ETAWC).

     “An attempt to threaten or pressure teachers is the last thing we need when we are supposed to be trying to find creative ways around the current impasse,” said ETAWC spokesperson Mary Catherine Kosmach. “The school board appears to be more interested in escalating conflict rather than resolving it.”

     The school board’s threat to cut teacher salaries and benefits comes in a year in which district administrators continue to receive numerous perks as well as salary increases ranging up to 37% in the case of one administrator, according to the district’s annual administrator salary and benefit summary. Teachers, meanwhile, have offered to share the same insurance cuts as the administrators, which would save the district close to seven hundred thousand dollars over two years.

     “The community also deserves to know what happened to the additional five million in unbudgeted revenue that the school board received last year. This money was quickly spent at the same time we were told there was no money at the bargaining table,” said Kosmach.

     District 33 teachers will meet on Wednesday, January 16th to discuss how to move forward in light of the school board’s threat. No strike date has been set at this time.


  • The Elementary Teachers Association of West Chicago (ETAWC)

  • Mary Catherine Kosmach, ETAWC Chief Negotiator

  • (630-414-2005)


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