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D33 Board of Education Committed to Continued Discussions with Union

Elementary Dist 33

     The Board of Education and its Administration learned for the first time this morning from an article in the Daily Herald that our teachers have approved setting a strike date. While we were aware that our teachers met yesterday after school, we were not apprised of the outcome of the meeting. The teachers also have not directly informed us that they have set a strike date, or the date they intend to strike. Nevertheless, the Board and its Administration will be prepared and have a work stoppage plan in place in the unfortunate event that our teachers decide to strike.

     The Board and its Administration were disappointed to learn that our teachers’ representative incorrectly suggested to the Daily Herald that we have refused to meet and continue to negotiate with our teachers union in an effort to reach settlement for a successor contract. Simply stated, nothing could be farther from the truth. In fact, the Board’s negotiation team met with the teachers’ team on January 9, 2013. The Board presented the teachers’ union with an offer to settle all outstanding issues relative to the successor contract which represented substantial movement beyond the Board’s last best offer made in December. That offer was rejected by the teachers union. The Board has and continues to be willing to meet with the teachers’ union in the hope of reaching an agreement for a successor contract. The Board’s willingness to meet with the teachers’ union will continue even if the teachers choose to strike.

     Dr. Chris Scheck, Board of Education President, states, "We are disappointed that Union membership has rejected our settlement offer which went well beyond our official last, best offer. At this point, the Board has no idea how to settle this contract. The money they are seeking just isn't there."

The Board will continue to place the needs of the students first and continue to be fiscally responsible to our community.


  • Mr. Dave Barclay, Secretary, Board of Education,

  • Dr. Chris Scheck, President, Board of Education,

  • Dr. Kathy Wolfe, Superintendent, District 33,


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