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D33 Students Remain Competitive in Annual Math Competition

Elementary Dist 33

     The ICTM (Illinois Council of Teachers of Mathematics) sponsors a math competition throughout the school year which consists of three contests in which students compete as individuals and as teams. The students are given “process/story” problems to solve, which is excellent preparation for ISAT testing. The students in District 33's Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) math cluster competed in all three contests this year. At the completion of the three contests, two 4th grade teams finished in the top ten; two fifth grade teams finished in the top ten and ALL sixth grade teams finished in the top ten.

The final results for the District 33 elementary schools entered in the competition are as follows:

4th Grade (out of 47 teams)

  • Gary/Currier 7th

  • Indian Knoll 10th

  • Wegner 12th

  • Pioneer 13th

  • Turner 22nd

5th Grade (out of 59 teams)

  • Wegner 3rd

  • Gary/Currier 6th

  • Indian Knoll 12th

  • Pioneer 14th

  • Turner 21st

6th Grade (out of 55 teams)

  • Indian Knoll 2nd

  • Pioneer 7th

  • Gary/Currier 8th

  • Turner 9th Wegner 10th

     The students competed against other public and private elementary schools at their grade level, as well as schools for the gifted throughout Illinois.


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