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PeaceBuilder of the Month for March 2013

West Chicago HS

     Ashley Bannon is currently a senior at Community High School. Ashley received the PeaceBuilder Award for assisting others, her great attitude towards school, and her desire to improve the atmosphere of those around her. She is to be recognized and commended for her work here at WeGo.

     Ashley credits her family for teaching her lessons about peace because her family always resolves problems peacefully.  To her, peace means people of different backgrounds can shake hands and agree to end the hate and suffering. Her favorite quote from Sherlock Holmes is “when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth”.

     Ashley has also been very involved both inside and outside of school. Her favorite subject in school is Economics. She enjoys Economics because she loves learning about how to work with money and how different types of markets interact with each other. She has been an active member of the National Honor Society and has volunteered as a student assistant where she helps out teachers with her free time. Upon graduation, Ashley will attend Butler University and major in International Business.

Press Contact:

  • John Chisholm

  • Social Studies Teacher

  • 630-876-6456


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