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WC Park District

Fluttering in Chicago area this Earth Day and Arbor Day will be thousands of tree tags. The West Chicago Park District’s parks department joined teams from the Morton Arboretum and volunteers from America In Bloom to hang tags at Reed-Keppler Park promoting the value of and benefits of urban trees.

     The tags are designed to showcase the beauty and environmental benefits
of trees. “Every year we deal with more and more trees that need protection and
replacement,” says Dr. Nicole Cavender, Vice-President of Science &
Conservation for the Morton Arboretum. “The Arboretum promotes the planting
and protection of trees, always with a focus on the future.” The Morton Arboretum
tree tags promote the valuable environmental benefits of trees.

     The West Chicago Park District truly understands the value of trees after a
severe storm on July 1, 2012 downed over 169 mature trees at Reed-Keppler
Park. The parks district hung tree tags to help passers-by understand the
significant return on investment that communities gain by planting trees.
Scientifically measurable benefits include cleaning the air we breathe, keeping our
homes and offices cool, increasing our homes’ value, helping us relax, treating
water pollution, reducing storm water runoff and capturing air pollution. You can
learn more about the benefits of trees at

     Members of the West Chicago Park District’s parks department will be on
hand Saturday, April 27th, from 9am-12pm at Fremont and National Streets in
Reed-Keppler Park, to talk about the recovery planting of Reed-Keppler Park,
America In Bloom, answer tree questions and give away tree liners as part of the
Million Trees Project sponsored by Living Land & Waters.

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