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WCCHS Qualifies for State Economics Competition!

West Chicago HS

     Congratulations to Community High School for being the regional champions in the Illinois Personal Finance Challenge and qualifying for the state finals!

     Amanda Gosbeth, Austin Petersen, Jason Umphrey, and Nick Wilson, Grant Hosticka, Doug Murphy, Nicole VanDoren, and Matt Wenz competed in the Illinois Personal Finance Challenge. The team of Hosticka, Murphy, Van Doren, and Wenz won the regional competition of the Illinois Personal Finance Challenge, a program of Econ Illinois and qualified to participate in the annual Illinois Personal Finance Challenge State Finals at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. This spring 710 high school students across the state competed online in teams to qualify for the State Championship event. Candace Fikis, Economics teacher at West Chicago Community High School worked with the two teams of CHS students to practice for the Personal Finance Challenge.

     The Illinois Personal Finance Challenge (IPFC) is a program of Econ Illinois, the premier provider of economics and personal finance support for K-12 schools in Illinois. IPFC is designed to recognize students who demonstrate high levels of comprehension and application of personal finance concepts and skills, and reward teachers for outstanding practices in teaching personal finance courses. Applicable courses include: business, consumer economics, economics, family & consumer science, career & technical education, personal finance, entrepreneurship and any course including personal finance concepts. All students in Illinois are required to take a consumer education/personal finance course. The IPFC program provides a fun and competitive way to engage these students more fully in their learning, while assessing how well they are meeting the state mandate.

“IPFC is a tough competition, with 244 teams competing in the state,” described Candi Fikis, Economics Teacher and Personal Finance Challenge Coach. “While West Chicago has competed in the past, it has never won the region, which is the hardest region in the state.  This is a tremendous accomplishment by our students and I know our team will be very competitive for the state finals.”

Econ Illinois offers economic education and personal finance professional development, resources, and programs to K-12 teachers throughout the state. Founded in 1951, Econ Illinois is a unit of the NIU Division of Outreach, Engagement, and Information Technologies.

For more information about the Illinois Personal Finance Challenge, please visit the IPFC page of the Econ Illinois website: or contact Beth Metzler: 815-753-0356.


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