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Foreign Language Honor Society Inductees

West Chicago HS

     The Community High School District 94 World Languages Division is proud to induct students into the French, German, and Spanish Language Honor Societies.

The CHS World Languages communicative philosophy emphasizes target language use and development of all modalities to increase students’ second language ability and exposure

     On Wednesday, April 17th, Community High School students from Carol Stream, Winfield, and West Chicago were inducted into the French, German, and Spanish National Honor Societies. Membership in these Honor Societies represents outstanding achievement in at least two years of study of a foreign language, academic excellence in all other classes, and the intent to continue the study of a foreign language.

     Our guest speaker was Tom Harms 2010 alum and Congress-Bundestag Exchange Program student who shared how German language study has enriched his life.

     The newest members of the Société Honoraire de Français include María Aguilar, Evelyn Almonte, Roberto Bejarano, Haley Carney, Cassandra Ciardullo, Cassandra Delaurie, Andres Del Rio, Angelica Gallegos, Brittany González, Jacqueline Luna, Ana Munoz, Rogelio Orizaba, Benjamin Skipor, Karla Soto, Sarahay Terrazas, Pedro Tresgallo, Alexis Vázquez, Noah Watkins of West Chicago, Ericka Lima of Carol Stream and Karen Rangel of Winfield.

The ten new members of the Delta Epsilon Phi, the German National Honor
Society include Ashlee Augustyn, Mark Blackman, Maricé Guerra, Kiera MacPherson, Teresa Mendoza, Joe Skipor and  Scott Wiest of West Chicago and  Valarie Schroeder, Hannah Spriggs and Jessica Wiacek of Carol Stream.

     The following students were inducted into la Sociedad Honoria Hispánica:  
Emily Bedard, Michele Conforti, Amy Goldsmith, Courtney Harding, Elizabeth Mastroianni, Taylor McComb, Hanna Netisingha, Nicholas Wils of Carol Stream, Alyssa Bossle, Madelon Castelvecchi, Alyssa Colon, Ana Cortez, Amy Dinh, Michelle Franch, Mae Elizabeth Gimre, Anica Hosticka, Robert Graal, Alissa Johnsen,  Marianne Kiel, David Kordik, Colin Lelito, Carolyn Meissner, Edith Muñoz, Vishakha Patel, Raj Parikh, Tatiana Rich, Angel Santana, Rachel Skipor, Andrew Steininger, Sarahay Terrazas, Natalie Tucker, Jacob Urban from West Chicago and Jenna Foreman, Jacob Gillespie, Brandon Kent, John Kulikowski and Stephanie M. Tipton of Winfield.

Teachers in the World Languages Division include Division Head Janelle Stefancic, Spanish teachers Susan Junkroski, Sarah Gill, Brittany Blanchard, Beth Govertsen, Ericka Richardson; French teachers Lindsey Evans and Katie Schoen, and German teacher Nora Wessels.

Press Contact:

  • Janelle Stefancic

    World Languages Division Head



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